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There's a seperate category where all of your disabled frames live, I forget what it's called, something like "additional units" or something. Gaining distance against a Rogue is extremely important. Crit Rating This is a new module included in version 1. Poster above me, since when do warlocks have a advantage against melee over mages? Since SoCom is a proc off white swings ret pallys gain more from haste than a rogue or warrior does. There is no way to differentiate a complete resist due to spell resistance from a miss due to spell hit. Increased spell dmg and survivability, along with well timed stutter-fears can still reek havoc on rogues and stupid warrs even when just dotting undead rogues still make me want to die, however.
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World of Warcraft - Take 5 - Nerf Warlocks!

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I can't speak about the rest with confidence yet. When you're dealing with resistances, binary spells hit harder but less often, and nonbinary spells hit weaker but more often. That's why the PTR badges axe is so ridiculously good for SoB ret pallies second best "known", best being a datamined weapon off Kil'jaeden despite being terribly itemized for Arms. The ultimate goal is to see if resistances can now be considered a significant option for increasing your survivability in solo play and potential other situations. Seems to me that Blizzard is just doing what everyone asked of them! This would not only be useful in certain PvE fights, but also change PvP around a bit as well. Then, put the stats for the item in the "Item Comparison" section and the spreadsheet will calculate which is better.
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Going further, I'd expect the dps break down to be: So basically what we're saying is resilience affects every single damaging warlock spell. Of course sunwell gear has a decent chance of replacing rogues with hunters on the great wheel. Not that I agree with Vishnu either; it seems to me that Rogues do have less to offer than any other class. The glass cannon label is an obsolete philosophy. Cat it goes on CD for 28 sec, but Feral Charge:
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Stat weightings are not constant values, but rather vary according to the actual stats you have. Pre-WotLK resistances were the unwanted step-children of rare raiding encounters where a decent amount of resistance was required purely to be able to survive long enough to take the boss down. If he gets near, just CC him, run away, and start again. Although they deal physical damage, all bleeds ignore armor. Here's an arena guide by a fellow Molten player who listed every ability you should know. Spells that do no damage, or that have a snare effect built in to them like Mind Flay or Frostbolt , are binary spells.
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